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Shefa DragonPaw
Sheath AlzannaFuumindall

Shefa DragonPaw


  • Height: 130 6 standard feet tall

  • Weight: 180 standard pounds

  • Strength: 500-1000 standard pounds

  • Speed: 100 feet per second (60 mph)

  • Durability: 6 [Moz scales, roughly bronze] 

  • Endurance: 6 [Able to march 60 hours before collapse]

Shefa is the undisputed lord of the Chimera. Roughly 8 years old at the beginning of RooK, he is portrayed as a happy, compassionate and intelligent child. After the Blood Red Fields, he becomes acutely focused on his training to the exclusion of all else including romance and friendship.


He is fierce, merciless and inhumane in battle, seeking to unnerve his foes by executing their men-at-arms by the most spectacular, gruesome, and creative means he can devise. He is a trained technician, tactician, melee and hand-to-hand combatant able to fluidly integrate his arcane abilities into his grappling and swordplay. His biggest strength is his creativity. His biggest weakness is his inexperience.

Powers and Abilities


Shefa is a Chimera, crafted by Dragon Magic to be the perfect warrior. He is educated in all known forms of organized warfare, human, dwarven and elfin. A tried and true general, he is cool under pressure, seeming to thrive on underdog situations, feeding on negative emotions to fortify his stress resistance.


His natural physiology (senses, perception, strength, durability, and endurance) is beyond human potential yet just shy of elves the same age. His arcane ability is limited due to his young age, but he has mastered all third year spells including; fireball, ice storm, lightning bolt, and levitate.



As the offspring of an Emerald Dragon, he is a Psion, capable of creating spell-like effects using nothing but his own innate strength of will. His natural Dragon Breath Weapon, the Sonic Scream is underdeveloped, but his Leech/Leak ability (the ability to manipulate kinetic energy increasing his movement or others, decreasing his movement or others, and modifying the rate of molecular half-life by means of Exponential Decay) is above average.


By increasing the kinetic energy of unstable molecules, he can supersaturate them to instability making them explosive or simply race them through their life cycle rotting matter to energy, solids to gases, at incalculable rates. His unique biology grants him telescopic vision, microscopic vision, low light vision, night vision and pulse vision (the ability to ‘see’ electric pulses created by thought and muscle contraction. He also has telekinesis and Leech/Leak. He has an above average memory and is a zealous student of military history. His knowledge of the modern world beyond the mountain he was raised in is severely limited.


Weapons and Tools




Aurohra: Emerald dragon scale gauntlet made by the mistress for Garrison, given by Garrison to Sheath. It increases all natural dragon abilities – Telepathy, Telekinesis, Leak and Leech, Senses and perception. Scale hardness is equal to true emerald but suppresses all human concerns of empathy and justice.

Severe: An alien life form of polymorphic metallic subsentience. Able to bond with a host through blood sampling and communicate through unknown psychic methodology. Shefa uses this as his main melee weapon, shape shifting it into the most useful weapon for his current situation.


Ascend: A native to Fuumashon, is a genomaliable symbiotic lifeform, a parasite known in Fuumashon as THE PFORM (form). Pform improve its chances of survival by sampling the gene pool of its host then modifying it into the best suited version of itself for dominance in its environment. Using its teeth, it has been known to grant spikes to the backs of jungle cats and improve the hardness of claws. Using its tail, it has created shoulder mounted tentacles tipped in serrated curved claws to overwhelm or secure prey. The changes made in Shefa are yet unknown.

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