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By the Hand of Dragons:

Rage is not a thing, not a singular thing, but rather an amalgamation of overwhelming and often conflicting thoughts and emotions that the rational mind can only expel through mindless animal wrath.

Brutal battles, intense life or death moments, and the overall tone of anguish. The characters are each so unique and the powers they wield are devastating.  ~ Amazon Reviewer

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Blurb for Saber

The Great Red Returns!

The Black Blade is broken. Raymond is now king of the underworld and the Jewels train with Psionic warriors known as the Monks of the Emerald fist. Fuumashon is at peace.

But no one smiles beneath the mountain.

The Chimera won their war but at great cost, half the clan will never rise again.


​Once joyous halls now sit silent but for the sound of falling tears and haunting sorrow.

While in the home of his youth, licking his wounds both physical and emotional, a new threat comes literally to Shefa’s doorstep. SABER has returned, conquering his way across Fuumashon. The one time favorite of the Emerald Mistress and former student of Garrison DragonsPaw, he is not only more powerful than Shefa but even more ferocious than his alter ego The Sword Unsheathed.


He will plunder his way from Silvetera to Elveldia and if he succeeds, the Chimera will be in violation of the Garden Treaty and the entire continent will die by dragon fire.


Shefa is not strong enough by half. He must evolve. But how, and into what?


No armies this time.


No kingdoms.


Dragon versus dragon!

“He shows no mercy, he gives no quarter, he knows no equal.”

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