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By the Hand of Dragons:

The wails of creatures, older than most of the trees dying before them, as they stood helpless and watched their home, their culture, and the source of all their joy die - could not be captured in words.

Action packed page turner. It definitely feeds my imagination. It's only a matter of time before it hits the big screen. ~ Amazon Reviewer

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Blurb for Rook

At 10 years old, Sheath has just learned that he is not a human, but a Chimera, a living weapon created by powerful dragon magic to be the perfect warrior and win a war almost one believes is coming. One of an army of 300 child soldiers, he must master every art of war and become powerful enough to defeat a threat that frightens even the Council of Dragons. Sheath decides that if he is a weapon, he will be the most lethal weapon Fuumashon has ever seen.


His training takes him through the home of the giants, across the Blood Red Fields and drops him right in the middle of a full-scale invasion by the undisputed lords of war; the Blood Soldiers of Loria.  Though still a child, his battle prowess rivals even his masters. But can a boy, no matter how powerful his magic, win against assassins, corrupt politicians, mountain giants, the Blood Soldiers of Loria and his own inexperience? He would say yes.

Rook is a dark, violent, coming-of-age fantasy series replete with epic battles, a bold new world, and graphic death scenes. This series has no heroes and no villains, only conflicting points of view in a world where everything is just another shade of grey.

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