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Rorou Mon Allbright

Rorou Mon Allbright


  • Height: 6’ 3 stand feet

  • Weight: 220 standard pounds

  • Strength: 300 – 700 standard pounds

  • Durability: 4 [Moz scale, roughly treated Teak]

  • Endurance: 4 (march 24 hours before collapse)

Rorou is easily the most naturally gifted of the Chimera. Unbeknown to them, he is the evolutionary off-shoot of Ascenders. An entire civilization’s worth of knowledge exists in his head making him privy to a near-boundless pool of facts and information that he can neither control or explain. As he put it “When I need to know something, I know it, when I need to do something, I do it,”


His height, build and easy baritone voice make his disarming smile and casual southern accent almost seductive even when being sarcastic or insulting. Rorou has Elf dominant traits. Ruggedly handsome by Elvin standards, he is considered slightly feminine by humans and dwarves. Either way, he is undoubtedly attractive and he knows it.

Powers and Abilities

Rorou’s official power skill is Energy Solidification or Hard Light Manipulation. He can create any simple shape or device out of “Purble” light. However, as a LATERALIS, he has repeatedly expressed thoughts and ideas generations beyond his own, recited little known ancient facts beyond his training as well as performed feats, tasks, and actions, not just outside of, but antithetical to, all known laws of physics.

Purble Light: Rorou absorbs cosmic radiation and converts it into ‘Purble” light, named because of its unique coloring (half purple half blue). Purble light has no more weight to him than his own limb yet transfers mass, velocity, and inertia to other objects in accordance with the known laws of physics. So while his giant mallet weighs nothing to him, it hits you like a giant mallet. It is roughly the same durability of treated Ashwood of the same size.

Stargazing: As Lateralis, Roo is capable of projecting his astral form; transcending flesh, time, space and his mind, he can bathe in any emotion of any creature present, absent, living, dead, or yet unborn.

Weapons and Tools

FELL is Ro’s platinum/silver/titanium Bastard Sword handle. It allows him to channel his hard light with less effort and greater effect.

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