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  • Height: 5’10 standard

  • Weight: 180 standard

  • Strength: 100-300 standard

  • Speed: 30 feet per second (ground) 700 feet per second (flight)

  • Durability: 4 [Moz scale, roughly Oak]

  • Endurance: 3 [Able to march 18 hours before collapse]

Patience is a princess in every sense of the word. Tall, beautiful, elegant and in possession of more pride than a thousand lions - she is impossible to witness and not be bewitched. Second only to Shefa in raw power, by age 16 she had mastered spells most never even hear about. She is intelligent, fierce, manipulative, and completely devoid of sympathy. She is well-versed in all known martial arts, yet has only cursory skill in hand-to-hand or armed combat. She is a master of warfare tactics, specializing in subterfuge, and ambush tactics.

Patience craves beauty and power, truly believing one cannot be without the other. In her youth, she harbored a fierce attraction to Sheath, but once she realized her fascination with him was just in response to his lack of attraction to her, she moved onto easier prey, namely Mim and Rorou.

Powers and Abilities

Patience is a Chimera with Elf dominant traits. She is more delicate than the other jewels but by far more magically adept. Possessing Elvin senses and perception, she is naturally superior to Dwarves, Fela, and Humans of the same age.


She has mastered every 10th year spell including; Fireball, Firestorm, Fire Rain and Fire tower / Icebolt, Ice Storm, Fog, and Hypothermia / Lightning bolt, God’s wrath, and Damned / Levitate, Weightless, Slow, and Crush/ Detection, Magic armor, Illumination, Speed / Affect cloud, Poison cloud, Stone skin, and Blindness / Heal, Repair, Restore, and One.

Weapons and Tools

Patience carries a dagger made of Whisper Steel called failure because if she ever has to use it, she has failed. Whisper Steel is a silvery-white metal that cuts like glass but leaves no surface evidence.

Dresses: Her entire wardrobe is armored. Most dresses are lined with Dragon scales shed by the mistress over the years. She still augments them with Bright Steel. Most of her own original designs. Bright Steel is an iron platinum alloy that shines like Sterling.

Jewelry: While her collection is expansive, almost precious piece is her black diamond necklace. While beautiful, is woefully misnamed, those gemstones are actually bones and scales, cultured over centuries in the belly of a Black Dragon. They have the ability to store incredible sums of arcane energy for her use at any time.

Staff: Her main weapon is her Avariel staff, a golden staff topped with a winged elf. The staff lessens the effort of each casting while also increasing the potency of each spell.

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