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Na-zii Bloudar

Na-zii Bloudar


  • Height: 5’8” standard feet

  • Weight: 150 standard pounds

  • Strength: 700-1000 standard pounds

  • Speed: 120 feet per second (80 miles per hour)

  • Durability: 4 [Moz scale, roughly Oak]

  • Endurance: 8 able to march for 100 hours before collapse.

Second son and under prince of the 5th house of Elveldia. He is the middle child between elder brother Alsilior and sister Lollililith. Eastern elves take reproduction deathly seriously as Elveldia is designed to house 1024 elves at any one time. Overpopulation and exhaustion of resources is their chief complaint about humans. The Blourdar line is easily the, most fertile with its house boasting 300 members more than its nearest competitor. The story of Na-zii really begins with the RISING at BALISAE. Because of his aptitude and natural abilities, he was chosen to be RIZEL like his brother before him, more to the disapproval of his parents and lords.

Na-zii is the only SAGE born of his generation. Not only born arcane sensitive, like all elves, he was inherently inclined toward divine and OLD magic – the magic that existed before the gods. Small in stature and prone to injury Na-zii solar power more than anything else. He decided his path to power would be through “THE RED” the practice of consuming red meat largely outlawed is barbaric, exceptions were made for warriors during time of war. Rizel, Elsa ate red meat, lived apart from the rest of Elveldia in an enclave known as Q’sar (kuh-sar) The Quiet. It was discovered emotional, less rational, and unquestionably more powerful. In short: more human. After his first taste and the power that brought him, Na-zii was hooked.

During “the rising” in Balisae when his brother was captured, he pleaded with his mother (men rule in time of peace, women rule in time of war) to send a rescue party. She refused. He still dragging me when alone earning his title RED DEATH. For denying his commander he was demoted, disobeying the Queen disowned by his house. Stealing Dragon meet he was banished from the realm altogether.


In exile he sought the guidance of the mistress who employed him as an appraiser, first in the seven cities of lore, then in Balisae, Silvetera, to find her rare treasures and magical items in exchange she gives him a potion to suppress THE RED. He served for time and then the mistress went away, and he became an animal chase from town to town until he wound up in a wasteland for outlaws called Westerly.

Powers and Abilities

Na-zii is a SAGE. He is a 10th level Arcanist, Diviner, and Wizard, skilled in offensive, defensive and support magic as well as a rare mutation among his species with a mysterious innate link to OLD MAGIC (from the Elemental muddling of his gene pool).


He has mastered Fire Command / Ice Command, Fog, and Hypothermia / Lightning Mastery, Alidair’s (God’s) wrath, and (Flesh Removal) Damned / Levitate, Weightless, Slow, and Crush, and Haste / Detection, Magic armor, Illumination, Speed / Affect cloud, Poison cloud, Stone, Iron, and Diamond skin. Blindness / Heal, Repair, Restore, and ONE.


After the ENDING, no life forms but Elementals could live in the harsh radiation and ravaging storms that plagued the continent in a perpetual assault. When time dissipated the choking ash and cosmic wrath, plant life was the first to return in full. Taking this place as their home, tribes of Elementals modified the foliage to better suit and amuse themselves. Centuries later when the Mistress ushered Elves to the continent, they naturally gravitated towards their natural habitat. Forced to share the same space, the two races made a bargain of sorts, the result of which was the mutable elves of House Blourdar, the 5th family of Elveldia.

As a distant son of those founding elves, Na-zii possess several senses and abilities not native to their species. His most notable ability is to channel OLD MAGIC, the cosmic nebulous radiation that formed the universe from planets and stars to whispers and dreams. By channeling OLD MAGIC, he can alter reality as the gods do. This is, however, not an ability he has ever used for anything other than raw destructive havoc.

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