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  • Height: 5 standard feet

  • Weight: 175 standard pounds

  • Strength: 400-500 standard pounds

  • Speed: 20 feet per second

  • Durability: 5 [Moz scale]

  • Endurance: 6 [Able to march for 70 hours before collapse]

Kharh is the goddess of loss and jealous revenge. This name was adopted by Lillie (Lillith) before her tenth hatch day.

Kaharh is dually the worst combatant of the Jewels and the single most dangerous Chimera alive. While extremely competent single or dual-wielding short swords, she has mastered no other weapon and still, since the Blood Red Fields she has never been touched in battle. While her muscles and reflexes are overdeveloped, her prowess is the result of her precognition. She is feverishly zealous in her love for and service to her King. When acting on his behalf she is focused, prepared, and soullessly enslaved to the completion of her mission.


Powers and Abilities


Kharh is an ascender, a being with a natural ability to send their mind and soul through time, learning the long-forgotten and the not yet discovered. Most travel to the future, then, in disguise, return and train their younger selves becoming more powerful, much sooner.

Weapons and Tools


Leech and Wraith are Goliath daggers she wields as short swords.

Leech: Originally thought to be a vampiric blade, which drained the life from its victim, is, in truth, a Chrono blade. It races its victims forward through time by decades or centuries.

Wraith: Leaves a black acid in its wake, creating wounds that don’t close, heal and have no known neutralizing elixir.

Amelio: Her suit of living armor. He is of equal intelligence and humor, serving largely out of a sense of adventure and purpose. Composed of living purple metal, he can assume any shape and functions completely independently.

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