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Garrison Garrimond III



  • Height: 5’11 Standard feet

  • Weight: 255 Standard pounds

  • Strength: 1100 – 2000 standard pounds

  • Speed: 120 feet per second (80 mph)

  • Durability:  4 [Moz scale, roughly treated Teak]

  • Endurance: 6 [Able to march 60 hours before collapse]

Garrison has been known by many names-the Dragon's Paw, the Secret Sword, Blade of the Mistress… At the beginning of RooK, he is nearly 1000 years old, having spent almost 300 years of that time in one war or another. He is soft-spoken, empathetic, wise, and deeply amused by simple things.

For somewhere around 200 years he served as the mistress’s favorite, executing her will around the world. After he was released from her service, he traveled the world adventuring. After outliving all his friends, children, and wives, he retreated from society for half a century. He returned during the great war and has been trapped in Fuumashon ever since.

Powers and Abilities


Garrison only possesses enhanced physical abilities, roughly on par with an average elf. He is undisputed as the single greatest warrior in the history of Fuumashon. A master of Human, Elvin, Dwarven, Fela, Giant, Half-folk, and Dragon warfare, tactics and culture. He is skilled in Terran, subterrranean, air and sea battle tactics, history and theories.

Weapons and Tools


Aurohra: a Dragon scaled gauntlet given to him by the mistress. It enhances all  Dragon abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, senses, durability, and perception.


Dragon Scale Armor: Garrison’s armor is made of dorsal scales, the hardest scales on a dragon's body. They are as hard as tempered Emerald, they reduce external temperature, dispel any light-based attacked [Fire, Lightning, etc]. They dispersed pressure, allowing him to withstand incredible impacts.


Dragon Blood: for centuries he received transfusions from the mistress, giving him near-immortality. His body, mind, memory, and perception are perpetually at peak Elvin capacity, roughly 5 times greater than human.

Golem and Goliath: Enchanted gloves that grant him Giant strength and Golem durability.


Quest and Journey: Enchanted boots that cast heal and restore with every step.


Extra-Dimensional Pouch: A pouch small enough to fit at the small of his back, yet capable of holding all items and materials necessary to build a cabin. Its weight is unaffected by its contents.


LaRouge: Garrison’s most cherished possession, his magnificent Dragon Hilted sword. The Red is composed of 13 separate blades stacked in such a way to give the appearance and functionality of a single blade. Spread across so many blades it can absorb an incredible amount of force making it nigh unbreakable. It was forged by dwarves, enhanced by elves, and blessed by the mistress herself.

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