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The Lady Sheva
Cas'sa D'ahndra

The Lady Sheva



  • Height: 6 standard feet

  • Weight: 200 standard pounds

  • Strength: 4000 standard pounds

  • Speed: 400 feet per second (300 mph)

  • Durability: 8 [Moz scale, roughly Steel]

  • Endurance: 9 [Her endurance knows no limit]

Cas’sa was crafted on a small island in the Turbulent Sea at the behest of the richest man alive, Myoso D’ahndra. Her original intention was to serve as the prefect bodyguard. Myoso had been confined to his island for years after several attempts on his kidnapping and extortion, with sufficient protection he could once again enjoy his wealth, his life and his freedom. She was raised and trained continually, toughened and hardened, pushed to every limit and then leagues beyond until she was unmatched in every aspect of war, combat and their counter measures.

It would be decades before she learned the truth of her master, the richest man alive was no man at all, but a changeling who had created a life he wanted to inhabit permanently. The life of a changeling is one of deception, careful distance and constant reinvention; now with many lifetimes of wealth accumulated, he wanted to enjoy the fruits of his many, often terribly demoralizing labors.

As the reclusive Barristar D’ahndra, he could be the aloof and eccentric blueblood without raising any eyebrows. Over his long life he had amassed an impressive collection of rare items, most notably; blue, red, white, and green dragon scales. As his wealth grew, his interests became more obscure and forbidden, thus his security needs became more fantastic. Eventually, no one would sign on as his bodyguards or security detail as legends of the gruesome deaths of those that worked for him leaked to the public at large. Finally, after being nearly successfully kidnapped for ransom, he was done with mundane methods of protection. He hired an enclave of Sages, Archmages, Scholars and Mad scientists and together, for more money than any man had ever spent at one time, they weaved secret and ugly arts together and produced for him a being of unparalleled power.

She emerged from her jewel, a child, and so he raised her to worship him as a near deity. As she grew, they traveled the world, throwing her into every deadly situation he could find. Each time she returned victorious and more vicious. He began loaning her out to assassinate targets, throw down tyrants, even win wars; together they built armies that bowed to no power but theirs, and by theirs, I mean his. In time, she developed all the charms of womanhood and eventually bore him 3 children – 2 abominations, quickly destroyed, and a son she believed destroyed, spirited away and raised in shadow to be his secret weapon against, or replacement for her, if the need ever arose.

For 75 years they pulled strings from the shadows, shaping world events, most notably planting the seeds for the rise of THE SINGULARITY, which cornered the market of free magic, making it the property of the government. Well into his 4th century of life, Myoso’s age began to catch up with him. For 120 years more, he survived on transfusions from his slave/lover/protector/ weapon. In time, even this was not enough. Just shy of her 200th birthday, she buried her master and became her own master.

She spent centuries wandering from place to place, lover to lover, adventure to adventure – going wherever the road she was standing on, took her. She traveled and fought and loved and lost until life held no meaning, hers, nor anyone else’s. She fell into a dark place, gave in to her shadow self, and frustration-born anger, becoming every bit as sick as the many tyrants and monsters she once hunted and slayed. Finally, after hope had long expired and only thrill seeking entertainment drove her actions, she found a frozen hellscape at the top of the world and a warrior-king, raised in the old ways, who showed her kindness and accepted her sins. She settled there until his death.    

Powers and Abilities


Sheva has dragon strength, speed, reflexes, agility, senses, perception, and durability. She is a master combatant, tactician, and manipulator. She has never lost; she has never failed at anything.


Fire: Sheva can breathe bright blue flame hot enough to forge steel. She can project a 30 foot stream and maintain it for 100 consecutive seconds.


Velocity: Sheva can see and interact with the invisible bands of kinetic energy, warping and manipulating it for a variety of affects. She sometimes uses it as a stand in for low level telekinesis, moving small objects around short distances. Most often, she uses it to outpace and overwhelm her enemies. By waiting until the moment before they attack, the moment when they reveal their intent, she pulls on kinetic ‘strings’ traveling imperceptibly fast to supersede their attack, nullify the attack or counterattack, often before they are even aware she has moved.   


Psychic Distortion: It’s methodology and source of function are unknown. Sheva has the ability to manipulate, erase and implant memories in the mind of any host she makes physical contact with. A technique she uses to manipulate powerful men into submission, usually until she grows bored and quite often, kills them.

Weapons and Tools

Regalia: A 200 carat Alexandrite stone surrounded by nine 50 carat purple diamonds, of flawless clarity. Each diamond is capable of storing enough arcane energy to power 5 10th year spells. A simple 3rd year spell, like Lightning bolt, she could cast 75 times from a single stone.


The Angel Stone itself is an inertia dampener capable absorbing truly monstrous amounts of kinetic energy. She has survived an explosion that leveled every standing stone and mortar structure for 1000 feet. She also has the ability to tap into and dispel at will, all energy stored within. She could likely level a well built castle with a full charge.


Heartfall: A hand-and-a-half long sword with a triangle shaped blade, made from Ice Steel, wrapped in nickel and the last weapon made by famed weaponsmith, Hytani. Because of the unique properties of the steel and the year long folding process, the blade is near unbreakable. In trade off for this remarkable durability, this sword weighs in excess of 15 pounds.

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