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  • Height: 6 standard feet

  • Weight: 180 standard pounds

  • Strength: 300 standard pounds

  • Speed: 20 miles per hour

  • Durability: 2 [Moz scale, standard human]

  • Endurance: 5 (march 36 hours before collapse)

“Fighting Mim is like trying to catch a leaf on a spoon…with your bad hand.”

- Shefa

Mim is the undisputed brains of the Chimera. He is at least twice as smart, intelligent, knowledgeable, and clever as any other member of the clan. He is the “id” to Shefa’s “ego.” Mim is thoughtful, sarcastic, stoic, and elegant. He is fascinated by music, nature, and insects.

 At 15, he regularly beats Master Na-zii at ASHA, or Siege as the humans call it, a strategy game of pieces and movement designed to simulate war. Under the mountain, his only competition is Shefa and his only weakness is Patience.

Having equal parts Human and Air Elemental dominant traits, he takes combat deathly seriously, unlike his older/younger brother who sees death as a challenge to be met.

Powers and Abilities

The lowest Mim scores in any given category is above average. Where he shines is his truly prodigious level of comprehension and the speed at which he processes information. As an Elemental Arcanist, connecting, communing, and manipulating wind is as second nature to him as speaking. He has mastered all 6th year spells: Iceball, Icebolt, Fireball, Firebolt, Fire Tower, Heal, Restore, Repair, Lightning bolt, Illuminate, and Fog, but what made him a legend among his kin was his knack for inventing new spells.

He inverted Levitate, creating Crush. By studying the way Rorou made hard light he created Iron Cloud. His preferred combat spell, Windsaw, a disk of compressed wind and water filled with various types of earth, spins violently enough to saw through stone at a rate of an inch a second.

Circumvention - Armor made of swirling gale force winds. While a crossbow boltfired at ten feet wouldn’t reach him through the gale, he still wears traditional armor as well.

Mim is on the path of enlightenment seeking to ascend beyond his physical form, to live as a true elemental, a being of will and thought. Mim’s greatest limitation is his human traits. His senses, reflexes, and durability are among the weakest of the entire clan, definitely of the Jewels.

The 7th Way - Most humans prefer the Lorian Blood Stone combat style which focuses on unity cohesion and press-flank-divide tactics; Mim prefers his own. The 7th Way is a blitz-and-run guerilla style of combat focused on getting your opponent to strike where you were while you strike where they will be.

Weapons and Tools


Wind Shear: Mim’s orphan sword. A hand-and-a-half-handled long sword made of a master alloy of titanium, high carbon iron and silver. Mim’s signature move is the Vampire Slash. Using his control of air and pressure, a vacuum is placed immediately over the wound causing catastrophic blood loss and sometimes even evisceration or the removal of entire organs.

Battle Kit: Due to his relative fragility, Mim carries the most expansive battle kit of the Jewels. A 2-day supply of food and drink, bandages, splints, a hygiene grooming kit and 6 potions that varies according to his mission.

Glass Armor: Mim wears self-designed armor made from hardened sculpted glass. It is superior at deflecting stabbing, slashing, and blunt force damage. It is, however, very heavy.

Shard and Splinter: Magical bracers given to him by Shefa after claiming them from the corpse of assassin in WoodsGate. They produce throwing darts that can vary in size and weight, maintaining their thrown velocity until they reach the spell limit of one mile.

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