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Gala Fireblood

Gala Fireblood


  • Height: 8 standard feet

  • Weight: 1,100 standard pounds

  • Strength: 2500-3000 standard pounds

  • Speed: 30 feet per second (15 miles per hour)

  • Durability: 8 [Moz scale, roughly Tugnsten]

  • Endurance: 8 able to march 100 hours before collapse.

First of the BRUISERS, Chimera of paralleled strength and durability. Being largely invulnerable, Galal has a lighthearted approach to life, using comedy s a shield against the darkness of the world and the enormity of their task, ready to die for the good of the clan.


Gala is Shefa’s best friend and his loyalty is only equaled by Kaharh, surpassed by no one. Easily the strongest of all the Chimera, he injured the other kids while playing tag when he was very young, his guilt created a mental barrier that limited his access to his true power. After visiting The Temple Of The Emerald Fist at Fort Hammerhead, he possess a confidence, enhanced strength and new powers previously locked away.

Powers and Abilities

Gala has dragon dominant with insectoid recessive genes. His hollow latticework bones give him remarkable speed and agility for his size.


Eyes: Though they appear as large globular bovine organs, they are multifaceted lens capable of telescopic, microscopic and ultraviolet vision. Low light vision and micro-motion detection is inherent in all dragons.

Ears: Dragon ears are as good as elves but capable of hearing much lower frequencies.

Horns: Gala’s horns are so black they barely reflect light and are hard as iron.


Skin: Gala’s skin is four separate layers, the outermost sheds and replaces yearly. The deepest layer is a gelatinous fat which can quickly be converted to energy. Next, a layer of blubber which keeps his temperature constant and makes him buoyant. Then, a porous layer of crystalline hexagons that shift independently like snakes. Finally, the ceramic fireproof scales dragons are known for.


Combustion: Gala can burst into a ball of thousand degree flame and continue to burn at-will.

Immolate: He can stoke the heat in other objects causing them to soften, melt, or combust.

Smother: He can burn all the oxygen out of the room, asphyxiating victims.

Weapons and Tools

Skraag Grim: A four foot, 100 pound death mace. Skraag Grim is possessed by the spirit of a fire elemental and can release its rage in a devastating explosion of bright yellow flame that penetrates rather than dissipates.


Hugs: His fireproof pants.

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