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Alzannanannabarrenor and Emmafuumindall

Alzannanannabarrenor and Emmafuumindall



  • Height: 7 standard feet

  • Weight: 800 standard pounds

  • Strength: 5700 standard pounds / 5 tons telekinetically

  • Speed: 1000 feet per second

  • Durability: 9 [Moz scale] roughly Sapphire of the same size

  • Endurance: 9+ [Able to march 500 hours before collapse]

  • Wingspan: No wings



  • Height: 7 standard feet

  • Weight: 650 standard pounds

  • Strength: 3200 standard pounds / 12 tons telekinetically

  • Speed: 1200 feet per second

  • Durability: 9 [Moz scale] roughly Emerald of the same size

  • Endurance: 9+ [Able to march 400 hours before collapse]

  • Wingspan: 27 feet

Alzannananabarrenor, Zan, was the only son Hazihani, a slave taken in the aftermath of the Glimmerless War. As a mix breed, half Sapphire, half Amethyst, he was sentenced to 100 years farming before being released as clanless. The Clanless had their own colony and survived by bartering their services to the other clans. Given the option to be a house servant, work on a ship, or be a mercenary, he chose mercenary.

He fought in 10 major campaigns before returning to Fuumashon, which was DragonFell in those days, to apply for acceptance into his father’s clan. The blues and greens were on the brink of war and Zan was expendable enough to serve as liaison. This is where he met Emma. She had never met a half breed before and was fascinated. They became inseparable and eventually lovers. Her clan threatened to disown her if she bonded with the halfbreed so she began plans to become head of the misfit clan and start her own nation. 

She drew up the battle plans and train the troops, she designed their new home and life after defection. They lost three children before his mixed seed finally took root - then came Star Fall. A star fell from the sky causing volcanic chain reactions worldwide. Most inhabitants of DragonFell died in the initial eruption. The year long winter night followed killing most animals in vegetation. The Hoard Wars came next to each clan fought for the few remaining resources. This is when Zan mastered murder in all its many forms. Some scouts returned from the site of the media rate with tales of his incredible properties. DragonFell was abandoned to the misfits and the client’s while the proper clans relocated to StarFall making that their new capital.

30 years into their reign as the new power on DragonFall, the second eruption laid waste to the world he had just built. Emma escaped but Zan died saving their eggs.

Powers and Abilities


Because of their psychic bond and harmony of life philosophies, Zan and Emma were unbeatable on the battlefield, it was a defeat entire battalions of enemy factions. Between his ability to bend time and space, teleporting around the battlefield creating weapons and contraptions from hard light in her precognition and ability to move faster than site freeze an enemy in place by sapping their kinetic energy - no strategy was successful against their assault.


Zan possesses arcane abilities innate to all dragons; manipulation of ice, fire, sound, force, and lightning, usually used as offensive blasts. As a warrior he seeks to destroy his opponents immediately and utterly. As a Sapphire he possesses Telepathy, Teleportation, and the ability to create solid objects from pure energy. As an Amethyst he can modify his body to survive the most alien and hostile environments, including altering his breathing and metabolism until he almost does not need sustenance to survive.  He is also trained in war, war history, strategy, counter strategy, psychological warfare, melee, and energy based weapons. He is the complete warrior.


Emma possesses arcane abilities innate to all dragons; manipulation of ice, fire, sound, force, and lightning, usually used as offensive blasts however she has mastered several clever alternative uses for these abilities, in and out of combat. As a dragon she is fierce in battle but seeks to confuse, deceive. And ambush her enemies, destroying them before they even realize the fight has begun. She is incredible powerful with her Telekinesis. Her Telepathy, and Precognition which allows her to glimpse the future make her impossible to outmaneuver on the battlefield. But her true dominance comes from her ability to manipulate kinetic energy Kinergy, with incalculable accuracy. By absorbing, storing, cutting, or redirecting raw kinetic energy she can go from completely still to moving 1000 feet per second instantly. By reversing the ability, she can steal her opponent’s movement leaving them confused and vulnerable. This is known as Leaking and Leeching. 

She is not nearly the warrior Zan is, but she is his superior in every way when it comes to planning, plotting, and deception. When they use their powers in harmonious concert, they can simply force all cellular activity within their sphere of influence to cease functioning. Molecules don’t move, biological processes halt, even time distorts in response to their influence on reality.

Tools and Weapons


Zan carries, AZREAL, a staff made from the All and Ever tree, a tree growing from so deep in the earth that no one has ever seen its roots, to tower 1000 feet above the froze desert at the bottom of the world. The tree possess the ability to manipulate heat, cold, light, darkness, sound, and silence. By emitting compressed sound, it can repeal physical projectiles or vibrate stone until it shatters. Although only wood, the staff is as hard of steel of the same size.


Emma carries 12 gems that she imbued with her spirit, which react and behave like highly trained pets. They are her eyes and ears, keeping her aware of everything in her realm. Roughly the size of a pinecone, they possess a flight speed of 100 miles per hour and an effective range of 10 miles. She is also capable of casting spells through them both defensive and offensive while in range. Often, she simply punches them through her opponents from their blind spots.



Zan and Emma both use Angel stone fastened to their belt, which absorbs incoming kinetic energy. Zan uses this stored power to multiply the force of his blows as much as 500x. Emma prefers to channel it into enemy organs forcing them to rupture from within.

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